AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Acceptable to Consign

What Can Be Consigned?


    • Clothing for infants to children size 16 adolescent
    • Shoes and boots for children of all ages 
    • Swimwear and summer gear
    • Hats, coats, mittens, etc.
    • Halloween costumes and dress-up items
    • Bedding for babies and children
    • Room decoration for nursery and kids
    • Maternity clothing, including nursing bras and camisoles
    • Layette for newborn - 24 months
    • Infant shoes
    • Bottles, dishes, cups, and utensils that are BPA free.
    • Nursing aids, including Boppy pillows, breastpumps and supplies
    • Diaper bags, receiving blankets, spit cloths, bibs
    • Newborn baths
    • High chairs, exersaucers, etc.
    • Strollers (umbrella, single, doubles, jogging)
    • Cribs - Manufactured after June 28, 2011Download and Complete the Consignor Crib Checklist to determine whether your crib is acceptable to consign.  Attached the completed Crib Checklist to your crib with masking tape.  
    • Toddler beds, changing tables
    • Playpens, walkers,  slings/front carriers, etc.
    • Booster seats and car seats.  Go to and make sure the booster or car seat has not been recalled.  If it has not been recalled, please complete the Consignor Car Seat Waiver and bring it with you to the Friday Consignor Check-In.
    • Toys, musical instruments, electric toys, games, puzzles, etc.
    • Swim wear, life vests, yard pools and other water toys
    • Books, videos, CDs, and media for children and adults
    • Games, puzzles and craft items
    • Sports equipment & uniforms – T-ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.
      • Children's clothing larger than size 16 
      • Any household item that is not specifically children's decor
      • Due to concerns about unsafe additives to plastic, we will not accept any plastic feeding items:  Cups, Sippy Cups, Bowls, Plates, Utensils UNLESS the item is clearly marked BPA-Free.
      • Metal children’s jewelry (concern:  lead)
      • Metal “jewelry” on stuffed animals (concern:  lead)
      • Car or Booster seat older than 4 years.  
      • Car or Booster seat that has been involved in a vehicle accident.
      • Any toy that has been subject to a manufacturer or Consumer Product Safety Commission recall.
      • Drop-side cribs / Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 -- Download and complete the Crib Checklist to determine whether your crib is acceptable to consign.  

      *  Shoes are a popular item but please be picky about which ones you choose to sell
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