AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Acceptable to Consign

What Can Be Consigned?


    • Clothing for infants to children size 16 adolescent
    • Shoes and boots for children of all ages 
    • Swimwear and summer gear
    • Hats, coats, mittens, etc.
    • Halloween costumes and dress-up items
    • Bedding for babies and children
    • Room decoration for nursery and kids
    • Maternity clothing, including nursing bras and camisoles
    • Layette for newborn - 24 months
    • Infant shoes
    • Bottles, dishes, cups, and utensils that are BPA free.
    • Nursing aids, including Boppy pillows, breastpumps and supplies
    • Diaper bags, receiving blankets, spit cloths, bibs
    • Newborn baths
    • High chairs, exersaucers, etc.
    • Strollers (umbrella, single, doubles, jogging)
    • Cribs (no drop-side cribs, please), toddler beds, changing tables
    • Playpens, walkers,  slings/front carriers, etc.
    • Booster seats and car seat
    • Toys, musical instruments, electric toys, games, puzzles, etc.
    • Swim wear, life vests, yard pools and other water toys
    • Books, videos, CDs, and media for children and adults
    • Games, puzzles and craft items
    • Sports equipment & uniforms – T-ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.
      • Clothing larger than childrens size 16 (only exception: Maternity clothing)
      • Any household item that is not specifically children's decor
      • Due to concerns about unsafe additives to plastic, we will not accept any plastic feeding items:  Cups, Sippy Cups, Bowls, Plates, Utensils UNLESS the item is clearly marked BPA-Free.
      • Metal children’s jewelry (concern:  lead)
      • Metal “jewelry” on stuffed animals (concern:  lead)
      • Car or Booster seat older than 4 years.  
      • Car or Booster seat that has been involved in a vehicle accident.
      • Any toy that has been subject to a manufacturer or Consumer Product Safety Commission recall.
      • Drop-side cribs

      *  Shoes are a popular item but please be picky about which ones you choose to sell
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