AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale


Break Down & Clean-Up Team

Description:  Beginning at 12:30pm, members of the Break Down & Clean-Up Team will begin the process of returning the sales area to the way it was before the sale. 
As items on tables become sparse, items should be consolidated on one table so that another table may be removed. The team will remove the tables from the Sales Area to a location where they can be safely collapsed and returned to their storage location within AUMC. 

The Break Down & Clean-Up Team will work with the Sales Floor Team the process of separating all clothing on clothing racks and all items on tables into two - one for items with white tags (to be donated after the sale) and items with colored tags (to be picked up by the consignor after the sale).  Volunteers of both teams will them work to separate the colored tagged items by consignor number so that each consignor can easily find their items after the sale.

Once the sale ends and all customers are off the sales floor, volunteers from the Break Down & Clean Up Team may begin placing all unsold items in bins or boxes labeled with each consignor's number.

ear the end of the sale many clothing racks and display tables are virtually empty.  In order to remove those racks from the sales floor, members of both the Sales Floor team and the Break Down & Clean Up team will separateitems remaining on the clothing racks and display tables into two groups:  items with white sales tags and items with colored sales tags.  Colored tags will them be further separated by consignor number so that consignors may quickly find their unsold items and remove them from the sales floor between 1:00-2:00 pm so that the $5 Bag Sale may begin promptly at 2:00 pm.  At 2:30 pm, the Break Down & Clean-Up Team will condense all like items remaining on the sales floor so that the charities that arrive may quickly find and collect the items they are looking for and so the remaining tables and clothing racks may be removed from the sales floor and returned to their storage location.

Throughout this entire period, trash is being collected, bagged and taken to dumpsters behind the church.  

Directional signs are removed from walls and doors and placed in the master sign folder.  

Sales tags that are found should be given to one of the sale co-chairs.  

After all the tables, clothing racks and merchandise has been removed the entire Sales Area must be vacuumed and then the Area must be returned to how it was before the sale.  Photos of the entire space are available for this purpose.

Other tasks may be assigned to team members, as needed.

Team members should dress comfortably.  This volunteer opportunity can be physically demanding as we will be moving chairs, tables, clothing racks, etc. throughout the break down period.  The Team will work beginning at 12:30 pm until all tasks are completed, about 4:30 pm.

Participation on this team can earn you a  70% commission.  70% commission will only be awarded to volunteers who arrive on-time at 12:30 pm and stay until all work is completed.

Click here to volunteer for the Breakdown/Clean Up Team.
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