AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Breakdown & Clean-Up (PS)

Break Down & Clean Up Team

The Break Down & Clean Up Team has two priorities:

  1. Break down all the clothing racks and tables used during the sale, move all items used to their proper storage location, and
  2. Leave the Church exactly like we found it upon arrival Thursday morning before the Sales Area Set Up

Break Down
Even before the sale ends the Sales Floor Team begins the break down process.  They collapse tables throughout the sale day and remove them from the sales floor.  Near the end of the sale the Sales Floor Team divides all the merchandise into white tagged items (for donation) and colored tags (to be picked up by consignor).   At 1:00pm the Sales Floor Team will leave and the Break Down & Clean Up Team will continue the process of returning the sales floor area (Foyer, Atrium, Wright Hall) to their original, pre-sale, condition.

Clean Up
The entire sales floor area must be vacuumed (may be loose staples or safety pins on the floor).  All trash (including non-recyclable hangers) must be taken to the back of the Church and placed in the large dumpsters.   

Click here to sign up as a volunteer with the Break Down & Clean Up Team.

Volunteers who work with this team from 12:30 until 4:30 earn a 70% commission.

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