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Charity Team

Charitable Donations Team

On the day of the sale, after the $5 Bag Sale, members of the Charitable Donations Team will escort a representative from a local charity to the sales floor where they will collect the items that charity needs / wants.  Representatives from the charity must be escorted so they can quickly find the specific items they are looking for.  Charity Team Members will begin their shift during the $5 Bag Sale, at 2:00pm, by walking around the sales floor area and noting where items are located so that when representatives from the charities arrive, they can quickly locate items they need.  

Each year we donate to AmVETS as well as many local charities supporting children and families.  Local charities may arrive early to find items they need.  They are unable to take any item until the $5 Bag Sale has concluded, but they want to identify items they are interested in before AmVETS collects everything remaining.  Charitable Donations team members may help transfer items from the sale floor to the vehicles / trucks of the charities, but this is not required.  There are dollies available.

A complete description of the volunteer responsibilities for this team will be sent to you by the Team Manager if you volunteer for this team.

This shift works on Saturday from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Click here to volunteer for the Charity Team.

Click here for the Charity Team Volunteer Instructions.
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