AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Consignor Number

Consignor Number

First-time Consignors:
The first step toward consigning with the Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale is to sign up for a consignor number.  Please CLICK HERE to sign up for a consignor number.  This will be your Consignor Number for this and all future Kids' Stuff Consignment Sales.

AFTER signing up for your Consignor Number, please CLICK HERE to complete the Consignor Agreement Form online.  Your consignor number will be your consignor number for this and all future sales, allowing you to sell any unsold items from one sale without having to re-tag them for the next sale.  

Returning Consignors:
1.    You do NOT need a new Consignor Number.  Please use the same Consignor Number you have used in the past.  If you have forgotten your number, please CLICK HERE to see the Returning Consignor List.

  You DO have to complete a Consignor Agreement, this, and every year you consign with the Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale.  

We need to know that you have reviewed the current terms of the current Consignor Agreement, including What You Can Consign, Condition Standards, Sales Tag Instructions and Consignor Commission & Payment.  We also need your current mailing address in order to mail your earnings check after the Sale.  CLICK HERE to complete a 2017 Consignor Agreement. 

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