AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Hints for Your Sales Tag

Hints For Your Sales Tag

Label Your Items Accurately!
Please do not use name brand if the item is not the named brand.  For example, only use Lincoln Logs if they are truly Lincoln Logs.  Off-brands are NOT always compatible with brand products and can result in very unhappy customers who won't come to the next sale!  Same with Barbie clothes.  They look a lot a like, but each “fashion doll” has it’s own unique dimensions and the clothing does not fit, nor do the shoes. 

Note The Original Cost of the Item
On many items, particularly high priced items, you may want to note the original retail price if it helps shoppers understand the true value of the item.  Customers may not be aware that a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics retails for $24.99 or that a Maclaren stroller can retail for $315.00 or that a pair of Gymboree pants can retail at $27.95 or that a small box play set from Playmobil can retail for $59.00.  Educating the shopper will help them understand that your price is a real bargain.  This truly helps items sell.

Is the item new?
If your item is new and unused you may wish to indicate that on the item's sale tag.  

We understand that at a certain age, children like ripped jeans.  With that in mind, if you are selling a pair of jeans with a rip, you MUST indicate that on the sales tag.  For example, “Girl Size 6 with Rip at Knee.”  If you do not, the item will be removed from the sales floor OR the item will be sold at a greatly reduced price at the time of checkout.  

Avoid sentimental pricing.

If you would not buy it, don’t expect someone else to.
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