AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Prep Items to Consign

Prepare Your Items for Consignment

All clothing items should be laundered with no rips or stains and free of tobacco smoke.

Please do not hide stains or rips in clothing, bedding, on any other merchandise.  

All clothing, with the exception of layette, should be hung so that the hanger resembles a question mark at the top.   Use only appropriate size children's hangers.   

Attach two-piece clothing outfits together with safety pins and wrap the neck of the hangers together using masking tape.  Only 1 sales tag and the sales tag should indicate if the item is a 2-, 3- or 4-piece clothing item.

Sort your clothing by gender then size.  Group like clothing together using a rubber band or string tied around a group of hangers.   

Click here and read the information at the tab titled, "Sales Tag Instructions"

Non-Clothing Items
Items should be of good quality and in good usable condition. 

Items should have all parts, including hardware and batteries. 

The Sale retains the right to reject any item deemed unacceptable.  

If you are selling a CD or DVD, please make sure it is not scratched and is playable.
Videos, DVDs, CDs, tapes, computer software, electronic games, etc. should be in their original cases, if possible.  No homemade recordings please.  You may close the bottom of a VHS tape box or seal a CD/DVD case, with masking tape.

When the sales tag is removed at check-out, the customer may open a sealed item or sealed bag and inspect the contents.  Items which are damaged or in any way differs from the description on the sales tag will have the price reduced or it will be removed from the sale.

Furniture and equipment sells best when it is assembled. Please bring any tools required if you would like to assemble your item at Friday drop-off.  

Puzzles, games, or boxed toys should be taped shut with blue painter's tape so that pieces are not lost during the sale.  Please be sure to count all pieces and make sure all essential parts are there.  No games should be sold without all the pieces.   

Batteries must be working in all toys that require them.  Items without batteries will not be accepted at drop-off.  This is the only way to ensure your item is in working order.

Items in Plastic Bags
Group small items together in a clear plastic bag and seal it with clear packing or scotch tape.  For example, fill a bag with same-size socks or hair bows or Barbie clothes or Legos.  In this case, clear packing tape helps ensure that the bag will not be opened and pieces removed.  If you are using a zip lock bag, place a piece of clear scotch or packing tape across the bag opening so that it overlaps both sizes of the bag.  (Blue painters tape and masking tape does not work well in this application. It is too easily removed and the items inside removed.)  Attach the sales tag to the outside of the bag by (1) affixing it with a safety pin or (2) by placing masking tape at the top and bottom of the tag.   Do not cover your consignor number or price with the masking tape.

Shoes may be attached to one another with string, ribbon, cable ties, or large safety pins.  You may affix the price tag to the shoes by threading the “string” through the hole punch at the top of your tag.  Please tie any strings or ribbons with multiple knots so that the shoes cannot be separated and the price tag cannot be removed. You may also put the shoes (especially small infant shoes) in a clear plastic bag and seal the bag with clear packing tape.  Do not use shoe boxes.  

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