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Publicity (PS)


Online Media
Manager: Aubrey Hess
Cathie Harmon
Joyce Soares
Lisa Tarpley
Jenna Caudillo
Carolyn Connelly

Community Advertising
Manager: Aubrey Hess
Kathy Havey
Stephanie Haley
Lara Meadows
Lacey Gray
Alison Oleson
Susie Eister
Jodi Delgado
Tracey Rockenbach

Street Signs
Manager: Joan O'Kane
Kathy Havey
Stephanie Haley
Christina Stockhoff
Arlene Tredeau
Monique Ramgoolie

Teams - you have each already been contacted via email about your individual assignments.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the manager listed above (the name hyperlinks to the email addresses).

CLICK HERE to view Publicity instructions in a PDF document.

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