AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Publicity Team

Publicity Team 
Community Outreach & Flyers

MANAGER:  Erin Krekeler

Click here to volunteer for the Publicity Team.

Team Role:  The Publicity Team works in the months, weeks, and days before the sale to successfully advertise the sale to the around around Annandale United Methodist Church to include areas in Annandale, Falls Church, Springfield and Alexandria.  

Volunteer Responsibilities:  Team volunteers are responsible for publicizing the Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale across a variety of child- and family-friendly websites, listserves, online publications and store fronts in the local area.  Volunteers will focus on online advertising or print advertising.  The Team Manager will provide each Volunteer with a list of physical and electronic locations to post notices about the sale.

Online Advertisement - Volunteers must be able to navigate the web, submit or post notices about the sale and ideally be able to find new local web communities to post a notice about the Sale.  Team volunteers should also be able to positively community with community groups, including MOMS Clubs and local elementary school staff.  Certain sites require a one-time notice placed (i.e., while others require weekly ad placements (i.e.,, community listserves, NextDoor).

Community Print Advertisement - Volunteers with the Publicity Team will post English and Spanish Language Flyers with tear-off information around the area at family - and child-friendly businesses, including libraries, four local REC Centers, coffee houses, etc.  Team members will contact all local Methodist Church offices, including AUMC, at least four weeks before the sale and email or fax a notice to be placed into the Sunday Bulletins on a Sunday before the Sale. Team members may also take flyers to local elementary schools for students to take home in their weekly folders. 
    • Annandale Terrace Elementary
    • Baileys Elementary
    • Belvedere Elementary
    • Braddock Elementary
    • Columbia Elementary
    • Mason Crest Elementary
    • Parklawn Elementary
    • Weyanoke Elementary
    • Woodburn Elementary

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