AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Publicity: Community Ads

Publicity:  Community/Business Advertisement

Description: Flyers with tear-off information need to be posted around the greater Annandale area at family - and child-friendly businesses, including libraries, four local REC Centers, coffee houses, etc.  We also advertise the sale to the congregations of surrounding Methodist Churches.  Team members contact all local Church offices, including AUMC, and email or fax a notice be placed into the Sunday Bulletins on a Sunday before the Sale.  We also distribute flyers to local elementary schools for students to take home in their weekly folders - committee members will be the POCs responsible for getting the flyers to the schools by the deadlines set by the schools.
  • Annandale Terrace Elementary
  • Baileys Elementary
  • Belvedere Elementary
  • Braddock Elementary
  • Columbia Elementary
  • Parklawn Elementary
  • Weyanoke Elementary
  • Woodburn Elementary

Note: The Publicity Manager will provide the specific assignment(s) for each volunteer to carry out.  The assignment may not be your first preference, but cooperation is necessary to make sure that all the work is accomplished. 

Participation on this team will earn you
4 - 6 hours of Volunteer Time:  60% or 70% commission on your consignment earnings, and the opportunity to attend the Friday evening Volunteer Pre-Shop.

Join The Community/Business Advertisement Team

To join this committee, simply complete the form below and click "submit".  Your contact information will be forwarded to the Consignment Sale Managers and the Publicity Manager.

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My affiliation with the Consignment Sale

  I have a child in the ELP program
  I have a child in the WPS program
  I have a child in the CDC program


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