AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Publicity: Street Signs

Street Signs Team

Description: The Sale has professionally made signs that need to be placed throughout the greater Annandale area on Sunday, November 6 and retrieved on Sunday, November 13.  Members of this team will receive a detailed list of exactly where street signs should be placed AND what type of sign should be placed (single or double sided).  The list was created to (1) minimize the physical danger of anyone placing signs (i.e., no placing of signs in median strips), (2) comply with VDOT regulations, (3) create maximum visability and advertisement, and (4) to ensure we know where signs were placed in case a team member is unable to retrieve their signs after the sale.  

Team members receive their volunteer hours only when they retrieve their signs after the sale and return them to AUMC.

Click here to volunteer for the Publicity: Street Signs Team.
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