AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Sale Managers

Sale Managers

The Consignment Sale needs individuals to serve as managers for each consignment sale team.  Several managers work in the months, weeks and days before the sale.  If you have consigned and volunteered with us before, please email us if you are interested in one of the following manager positions.

Charitable Donations Manager
Each year there are a number of unsold items at the end of the consignment sale.  These items are donated to local charities.  The Charitable Donations Manager is responsible for contacting a list of charities and arranging for representatives of the charity to come to the sale location at the end of the sale and pick up all unsold items.  If, for any reason, a charity no longer accepts items that may be remaining after the sale, the Charitable Donations Manager will research, contact and make arrangements with other charities who do accept and can collect any unsold items after the sale.  

Publicity Manager
The Publicity Manager is responsible for a both online and print advertisement of the sale.  The team is responsible for posting an online notice of the sale to a pre-determined list of websites and list serves in the local area.  The team is also responsible for placing flyers at family-friendly businesses (libraries, gyms, restaurants) in the local area.  

Street Sign Manager
The Sunday before the consignment sale and the Sunday after the consignment sale, the Street Sign Team places and then removes signs advertising the sale.  The Street Sign Manager will use an existing list of sign locations and divide that list geographically and give an equal number (as much as is possible) of signs and sign stakes to each volunteer.  Volunteers receive credit for their volunteer time when the signs and stakes are returned.  The Street Sign Manager should keep accurate records of the street sign locations, number of signs issues, and number of signs returned for each volunteer.  After the signs have been returned, the Manager will submit a list of volunteers and their volunteer hours to a sale co-chair.

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