AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Sales Floor Team

Sales Floor Team

MANAGER:  Melissa Snyder

Click Here to Volunteer with the Sales Floor Team

Team Role: This Team is responsible for helping the maximun amount of consigned items sell during the four hour Sale Day.  .

Volunteer Responsibilities:  Volunteers with the Sales Floor Team will mingle throughout the Sales Area, proactively assist shoppers during the Sale and keep the entire Sales Area neat and tidy throughout the Sale Day.  Volunteers must treat all customers and fellow volunteers with kindness and respect.  Some Team Volunteers will be assigned to help shoppers with pre-payment and setting aside of large items.  It is imperative that all sales table remain neat and items can be accessed.  

Team members must wear a red shirt during the Sale, and we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

A complete description of the volunteer responsibilities for this team will be sent to you by the Team Manager if you volunteer for this team.

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