AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Sales Floor Team

Sales Floor Team

Description: This Team assists shoppers during the sale.  Team members must wear a red shirt during the Sale, and we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Team members will treat all customers with kindness and respect.  Members will proactively assist shoppers during the sale.  The will be assigned Team members who will help shoppers with pre-payment and setting aside of large items.  They help shoppers find the items they are interested in and continuously maintain the clothing racks and sales tables, keeping everything neat and accessible.  Sales tags found on the floor are given to the Sales Floor Manager who will try to find the item the tag belongs to and if a match can not be made, will give the tag to the Cashier Manager; when a shopper tries to buy an item without a sales tag, the tag can then be matched with the item to ensure the consignor receives the value for that item.

A complete description of the volunteer responsibilities for this team will be sent to you by the Team Manager if you volunteer for this team.

Click here to volunteer for the Sales Floor Team.
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