AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Sales Tag Instructions

Keep Calm & Start Tagging!
Tagging your items is the most time consuming part of consigning your items for sale.  Start NOW!  Try to tag 5 to 10 items each day.  Tag your most expensive items first.  Tag less expensive items last, if you have time.

Gather Your Supplies
  • Hangers
  • Safety Pins
  • Masking Tape
  • Plastic Bags
  • Packing Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Card Stock Paper or Index Cards - colored and/or white

Create your Sales Tags

Sales tags may be hand written or you may use a template 
that allows you to type your sales tags, print them on cardstock, cut and attach.  Sales_Tag_Template_2_for_Adobe_11-11-16_distributed_0008.pdf

Your sales tag must contain the following minimum information - 
  • Your Consignor Number
  • Size of Clothing (if applicable)
  • Gender of Clothing (if applicable)
  • Description of Item
  • Price of Item
  • A red X if you do NOT want to sell the item at 1/2 price at the end of the sale
If your sales tag is removed from any item the Sale Manager or Cashier Manager will attempt to match the item with sales tags found on the floor during the sale.  Any additional detail you add to your sales tag will make this possible.  Items sold without sales tags will be priced by the Sales or Cashier Manager.

Read this entire page to learn how to properly tag your items.   

Improperly tagged items will not be allowed on the sales floor.

How To Attach Your Sales Tags
Safety Pins - Use to attach sales tags to clothing or other "soft" items such as blankets, bibs, socks, hats, costumes, etc.

Zip Ties -
Use to attach sales tags to strollers, cribs, bikes, high chairs, baby gates, pack-n-play, etc.

Masking Tape -
Use to attach sales tags to the outside of a bag of toys, plates, cups, toys, photo frames, and other items with multiple pieces.  

Tape ONLY the top and bottom of the sales tag to the item. 

DO NOT tape all four sides of the sales tag to the item.

DO NOT tape over your Consignor Number at the top or the Price at the bottom of the sales tag.

Blue Painter's Tape -
Use to attach sales tags ONLY to books, puzzle boxes, CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes.

Clear Packing Tape -
Do Not Use To Attach A Sales Tag.

Clear Packing Tape -
Use ONLY to seal a plastic bag with items inside (e.g., socks, toys, tools for taking apart a crib, etc.)

Scotch or Magic Tape -
Do Not Use To Attach A Sales Tag.

Scotch Tape -
Use ONLY to seal a plastic bag with items inside.

Saran Wrap - Do Not Use.

Plastic Bags - You may use plastic bags for items with multiple pieces (e.g., Legos, doll clothing, socks, art supplies, etc.).  Seal the open end of the tag with packing tape so that the bag cannot be opened during the sale.  Attach the sales tag to the outside of the bag using masking tape.

      The sales tag at the top of this photograph had tape on all four sides and it was the wrong kind of tape.  The item was also wrapped entirely in plastic wrap.  This is not acceptable.  

How To Create Your Sales Tags

1.    Sales tags must be made of 3” X 5” index cards cut in half OR printed on  card stock and cut to size (3” X 2-1/2”).

DO NOT Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree index cards.  They are thin and easily removed and if your item may then be sold for an amount lower than you had wished.  

DO NOT use paper to create your sales tags.  Items with sales tags made of paper will not be allowed on the sales floor.  

2.    Please use black or blue ink ONLY when writing tags.   

3.    Sales tags should be white or colored (not beige

White sales tags =    Your items will automatically be sold at 1/2 price during the final hour of the sale.

Your unsold items will be sold during the $5 Bag Sale or Donated to Charity.

A beige tag is a white tag.

Colored sales tags =  You will pick up your unsold items after the sale.

Your tag must indicate whether you wish it to be sold at 1/2 price during the final hour of the sale.  (See below.)

If you DO NOT wish to sell your item at 1/2 price during the final hour of the sale please place a large red X on the bottom right corner of your colored sales tag. 

X = No                X = Do Not Reduce               X = Sell at Full Price

Sales Tags Format
A correctly completed tag should reflect this format:



Tag Instructions


Example Tag

Hole Punch / Safety Pin

        Consignor Number

Item Description:

Brand, color, gender, size,  # of pieces, details

Item Price:

Half Price or Not?:

Hole Punch / Safety Pin


Large Bag of Mega Bloks



or no X




  Do NOT Sell At ½ Price:          YES - Sell @ ½ Price:             

Hole Punch / Safety Pin


Girl                 Size 10

2 Pieces:

Green Gymboree Corduroy Pants with hearts on pockets + Matching Shirt

           $10.00            X

Hole Punch / Safety Pin


Boy                  Size 8/10

Short Sleeve  MINECRAFT T-Shirt



[Space for Tape]



Large Bag of 8 Thomas the Tank Engine trains


 [Space for Tape]

If you allow a 1/2 - 3/4 inch space at the top of the tag, you can use this area for the hole punch or safety pin.  Hole punching makes it significantly easier for you to attach your sales tags to your clothing items.  It also makes it much easier for the cashier team to remove your sales tag during checkout.  The line of customers waiting to check out is usually long.  By eliminating the time it takes to remove a safety pin from every item, we can help the customer line move much quicker.

Clothing and Soft Items

  Sale tags should be attached to clothing, blankets, pillows, sheets and other soft items so on with a safety pin.  

  No straight pins or staples!  

•  All clothing items must be on appropriate child-size hangers.  
Absolutely no adult-size wire hangers for children's clothing. Items on adult-size hangers will not be allowed on the sales floor.

•  The hanger should face left, like a question mark.

•  Sale Tags on clothing must be on the front right side of the item as shown in this image:


•  If the items you are tagging is made of delicate fabric you may attach your sales tag through a button hole or place the safety pin in a seam so you do not damage the item.

•  For several items of clothing bundled together (e.g., 2-piece outfit, costume pieces, 2+ shirts) you may wrap masking tape around the neck of the hangers.  You may also safety pin the items together.  Both of these steps help prevent the indvidual items from being separated from one another. 

·   Pants
Pants may be hung on child-size pants hangers or as shown above using safety pins at the TOP of the hanger.  Do not fold pants over the hanger.

·        Pants may be tagged individually or bundled together.  Hang pants on hangers and bind hangers together using masking tape on the neck of the hanger.  You may also wish to bind the pants to each other using large safety pins. 

·        Leggings, Tights and Socks
Leggings and tights do not need hangers.

·        Leggings, tights and socks may be tagged individually or bundled together with a large safety pin or placed in a clear plastic bag.   Make sure all items are the same size.  

Layette, Crib Sheets, Blankets
Layette, crib sheets, blankets, etc. may be tagged individually or bundled together. You may bind them together with a large safety pin, place them in a clear plastic bag, or wrap the folded pieced with masking tape.  

Items with Many Parts
 •  If you have items with multiple parts or multiple items of the same kind (e.g., blocks, small cars, craft items) place all pieces inside a clear plastic bag.   

     •  Seal the seam of the bag with clear packing tape.  

     •  Affix your sales tag to the bag with a safety pin or with masking tape.  If using a safety pin, we suggest securing the pin on the sealed seam.  This is thicker and the tape will help keep the safety pin in place.  

Non-Clothing Items

Sales tags should be attached to non-clothing items with masking or painter's tape tape, a zip tie, string or ribbon.

·      Blue Painter's Tape - ONLY for books, puzzle boxes, for binding books together, CDs, DVD/VHS Tape Boxes.  Place the sales tag to the BACK of a puzzle box or book.

Masking Tape - For all other "hard" items as well as to affix a sales tag to the outside of a plastic bag, baby gate, plate, cup, toy, etc.

Sales tags on shoes may be safely pinned or attached to the pair of shoes using string, ribbon or a zip tie used to bind the shoes together.

•  Books sell best if sold individually.  If you have a several books you wish to sell together we suggest you bind the books together using rubber bands or blue painters tape.  

1.  •  Affix your sales tag to the back cover of a book using painter's tape.

Puzzles, Games, Crafts and Boxed Toys
•  Puzzles, games, crafts and boxed toys should be taped shut with blue painter’s tape so that pieces are not lost during the sale. Please be sure to count all pieces and make sure all essential parts are there. 

•  No puzzles or games should be sold without all the pieces.

Accessories to a Main Item
Items such as a crib, stroller, high chair, sit-n-play, pack-n-play and many others have manuals and accessory parts.  Place these in a clear plastic bag and attach them to the main item using masking tape or punch a hole though the plastic bag and attach it to the main item using a zip tie, string or ribbon.

Cribs and other furniture sell best when assembled.  These items 
often have tools designed specifically for that item.  Bring the tools with you to the Friday Consignor Drop Off Period and be prepared to assemble your item. 

If the tools belong to the item, after assembling the item, place the tools in a clear plastic bag and attach it to the item using a zip tie or masking tape. 

The purchaser will use these tools to disassemble the item for transport to their home. 

If the tools are yours, please place a piece of paper inside the bag indicating which tools should be returned to you.  Please label the tools with a masking tape label.  Include your name and telephone number on the piece of paper.  You may fold the paper so that no one sees the information except for the cashier at check-out.



Straight Pins

Duct Tape

Scotch Tape

Electrical Tape

  • Sales tags affixed to an item with any kind of tape, other than masking tape, will not be allowed on the sales floor.  
  • Consignors will have to create a new tag before it is allowed on the sale floor. 
  • Sales tags with tape over the consignor number or price will have to be re-created before the item before it is allowed on the sale floor. 

NOTE:  We DO allow sales tags from other consignment saleshowever, we consider a beige tag to be a white tag.  If you are using beige tags you must replace them for this sale unless you want (1) all your items to be sold at 1/2 price from 12:00-1:00pm, and (2) you want any unsold items to be donated to charity after the sale.  

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