AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Tips for Drop-Off

Tips for Friday Drop-Off
  • Separate all clothing by gender and size. 
  • Consignors may wish to bring their items in suitcases with wheels.
  • Consignors may use laundry baskets, plastic storage box, cardboard boxes or IKEA bags to carry their items into the sales room.  
    • If you use a laundry basket, plastic storage box, cardboard box or IDEA bag to transport your items to the sale and would like to leave them at the sale so they are available to pack up any of your unsold items in, please write your name on the basket/boxes in permanent ink OR on plastic packing tape place on the box (and lid) so that they can be returned to you after the sale.
  • Consignors may also use AUMC dollies and flat carts to transfer boxes of items to the Sales Floor.
  • Non-clothing items and layette must be placed items on tables by type of item. 
Clothing is displayed on hanging racks:

Infant Boys: 0 - 6 mo.
Infant Girls: 0 - 6 mo.
Infant Boys: 6 - 12 mo.
Infant Girls: 6 - 12 mo.
Infant Boys: 12 - 18 mo. Infant Girls: 12 - 18 mo.
Infant Boys: 18 - 24 mo. Infant Girls: 18 - 24 mo.
Boys 2T Girls 2T
Boys 3T Girls 3T
Boys 4T Girls 4T
Boys 5 Girls 5
Boys 6 Girls 6
Boys 7 Girls 7
Boys 8-10 Girls 8-10
Costumes  Costumes

Depending on the quantify of clothing in a certain size, racks may be combined or expanded. 

We typically have the following tables at the Sale (though we add more!):
  • Lincoln Logs and Building Blocks
  • Bedding   
  • Mega Blocks
  • Books, CDs, DVDs   
  • Musical Toys
  • “Boy Toys” (Transformers, Star Wars, etc.)
  • Princess Table (crowns, wands, etc.)
  • Cars & Trucks (incl. Hot Wheels)
  • Craft Items   
  • Electronic Toys and Games
  • Feeding Equipment (bottles, bibs, etc.)   
  • Board Games   
  • Puzzles
  • Infant Toys   
  • Sports Equipment
  • Layette   
  • Toddler Toys
  • Legos (inclu. Bionicals)   
  • Trains and Train Sets
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