AUMC Kids' Stuff Consignment Sale

Volunteer - PreSale Info

Volunteering at the Sale 

Thank you for volunteering to help with the Consignment Sale!  We appreciate your time and effort on behalf of the school and the community. We hope that this information will prepare you for what to expect when you arrive at your assignment.

General Information

1. When you arrive, you must sign in to the volunteer binder at the information desk.  This is how we know that you are fulfilling your volunteer hours.  If you volunteered prior to the day of the sale, record your hours with your committee manager. We will use this sign-in log to calculate commission checks.  Don't forget to make a name tag!

2. Please be punctual, regardless of when your shift starts.  If you are the first shift on either Friday (Merchandise Display, Consignor Check-in) or Saturday (Sales Floor, Cashiering, Security), it's important that we are ready to begin promptly at the posted time so that we don't fall behind schedule.

3. If you are working the second shift, remember that you will be relieving another volunteer, so please also come at your appointed time to smooth the transition. 

4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing!  Sales Floor team should wear RED shirts so they are visible to customers and other team members.

5. You may bring drinks or a snack with you. You may store a snack or cold drink in the teacher’s refrigerator, located in the room next to the ELP/WPS School office on the Lower Level (1st floor) across from room 117.  Please label your items clearly.

6. There is a secure room where your purse or other personal items will be locked up while you are working.  You can gain access to your items during your shift as needed.

7. Child care will be available for volunteers working on Friday. The Apples classroom in the ELP hallway is used for childcare for easier access to volunteering parents.
Volunteer Pre-Shopping

ALL volunteers are invited to Pre-Shop on Friday evening from 7 – 8:30 pm. This exclusive opportunity will allow you to shop the full selection of merchandise before the public sale on Saturday.  Since there are typically 50+ volunteers who are qualified to Pre-Shop on Friday evening, we will have several cashier tables open for check-out; we ask for your patience while we move everyone through the line!

Note: there will be no Saturday morning pre-shop, as the volunteer staff must use the 8:30 am - 9 am hour to prepare the Sales Floor and Cashier stations for public opening.

Shopping After the Sale

All volunteers are invited to the 1/2 Price Portion of the Sale, from 12:00-1:00pm.  Volunteers are the invited to shop from 12:00-12:15, before the sales floor is opened to the public.  

Volunteers are also invited to shop during the $5 Bag Sale, from 2:00-2:30pm Saturday afternoon.  At that time all consignors should have picked up their unsold merchandise.  All merchandise remaining on the sales floor that was unsold and not picked up from consignors will be available for purchase.  At 1:45pm volunteers may pay $5 for a paper grocery bag.  Volunteers can fill the paper bag with as many items that fit comfortably in the bag.  More than one $5 bag may be purchased.  All remaining items will then be donated to charities in our community.

Need to Change or Cancel Your Volunteer Shift?

Please let both Amanda Aguilera and your Team Manager know know as soon as you learn that you have to change or cancel your volunteer shift. 

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